A Worthwhile Program That Needs Your Support !

by Phil Spaugy

The Seminary Ridge Musuem, Gettysburg Pa.

This spring, the Seminary Ridge Museum in Gettysburg Pa. will be launching a new program; entitled “Becoming a Soldier” aimed at giving young people the experience the life of a Civil War Soldier. To further this unique experience, the Museum is asking for donations of the items [reproduction] listed below:

  • 30 or more each USA and CSA enlisted forage caps or kepis
  • 10 or more each USA and CSA canteens,
  • 30 or more each USA and CSA haversacks

There is also a need for a camp desk, stool, tin plate and cup, youth sized uniform jackets, shoes, and the like that would be passed around. A used A-frame tent for authenticity and/or open sided tent would also be useful.

If you have not visited the Seminary Ridge Museum, please make a point to do so on your next visit to Gettysburg. You will not be disappointed. If you have a Civil War bucket list (like I do), treat yourself to a climb up to the Seminary cupola like John Buford did on the morning of July 1, 1863. You can take in the view to the west, watching for the advance of Harry Heth’s grey-clad infantry. But beware, the wind in the cupola can play some strange tricks on your mind, and perhaps if it is blowing just right you might catch the faintest scent of pipe tobacco, tinged a bit with the familiar smell of black powder, and hear a voice from below say, “What’s the matter John?” …and maybe, just maybe, a voice carried on the gentle breeze will respond, “There’s the devil to pay!”

If you have any items listed above that you might like to loan or wish to learn more about other donation opportunities contact:

Denise L Doyle

Gettysburg Seminary Ridge Museum

Administration and Development Officer

61 Seminary Ridge
Valentine Hall Ste 412

Gettysburg, PA 17325

717-339-1359 (office)

717-334-1647 (fax)