A Horrific Situation…NO LONGER. This soldier will be coming home !

by Phil Spaugy

I join with many others in the Civil War community in my complete disgust of the following auction, and I can only hope that the buyer sees that the remains of this American soldier are buried with full honor and respect.

Take a minute to reflect on what is for “sale” here. It is the remains of not only one who wore the Blue or Gray, but a son, or brother, or father who while fighting for what they believed in, gave their life for those beliefs. This must not stand !

In fact, I along with many others will demand just that!


An update from WHAG – http://www.your4state.com/story/d/story/auction-of-civil-war-soldiers-remains-sparks-outra/16107/fHMQ-BJyTEiVyuoJLZH_TA


Thanks to all who laid “siege” to Mr. Taylor today. You all did a very important thing today, and in the near future one who wore the Blue or the Gray will finally rest in honored glory with his “Pards!!”