A Story About July 22, 1864, and a Buckeye Who Never Returned Home

by Phil Spaugy

Buckeyes, Blackhats and the Boys of '61

Grave #4990 final resting place of Theo Ailes. Company I, 20th OVI Grave #4990 final resting place of Theo Ailes Company I, 20th OVI

(Authors note: Even though I first published this article one year ago, I think it is worth sharing again. Tomorrow will be the 150th anniversary of the fierce combat at Bald or Leggetts Hill near Atlanta, Georgia. This fight took the lives of more that 30 men, members of the 20th Ohio Volunteer Infantry who hailed from Shelby County, Ohio. For many years after the war, the date of July 22nd, 1864 brought forth sad memories and many tears of lives and loved ones lost).

In 1861, Theophilus [or Theo as he was known to his friends and family] Ailes was an 18-year old blacksmith living in Port Jefferson, Ohio when he answered his country’s call and enlisted for 3 years in Company I of the 20th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Present through all the campaigns and battle…

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