The North-South Skirmish Association…….and Me!

by Phil Spaugy


For the 37th straight spring I will be traveling to Virginia to attend a North – South Skirmish Association (N-SSA) Spring National Skirmish. This event, the 133rd National Skirmish in the N-SSA’s long history will be will be held May 18th to the 22nd, at “Fort Shenandoah” which is the home range of the N-SSA.

The “Fort” as it is affectionately called by N-SSA members is located just of Route 522, seven miles northwest of Winchester Virginia.

For a schedule of events follow this link-133rd National Skirmish Schedule of Events

For directions to the location of this event at Fort Shenandoah, follow this link –Directions to and location of Fort Shenandoah.

To say that my membership in the N-SSA has had a profound and positive influence in my life would be an understatement. Founded in 1950, and the organization from which the modern re-enacting movement in the United States got its start. From its very beginning, the ranks of its membership has included of some of the best military and materiel culture historians, artillerymen and small arms marksman in the world. The friendships made and knowledge selfishly shared by these individuals with me and other members over the past 38 years, help kindled my interest in the both the history of the American Civil War and arms collecting. Most certainly a treasured gift of knowledge and passion that I try as might will be very difficult to re-pay!

The following are some links to videos of what the N-SSA and our National Skirmishes are about. Like all of our National and Regional events. the 133rd Nationals is free of charge and open to the public, so if you are looking for something to do on the weekend of May 21st, stop by the “Fort”and witness for yourself the color and excitement of Civil War small arms and artillery “live fire.” I promise you will not be disappointed.

And from the Civil War Trust – Civil War Trust – N-SSA Video

And finally, a image from the collodian camera of my friend Todd Harrington of the members of my unit, The Union Guards, Company A, 19th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry.

Union Guard Fall National 2009

Company A, 19th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, “the Union Guards.” Since 1978 I have proudly worn the “Black Hat” of the Iron Brigade and have been both student and mentor to my “Pards” in this image. Image by Todd Harrington.